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How to use your Dr.Toilet?

One of the questions that usually worries when you buy a new product is if you knw how to take advantage of it and if it will be used in the best way possible to get the maximum performance. The Dr.Toilet toilet stool is a product that does not requeir many spacifications, althought it is better to know them.

First we choose the height

Each person living in your home has a certain height, and that’s why the Dr. Toilet toilet stool has three diferent heights. So let’s get started!

Level 1

This height is achieved by removing the shelf or crossbar that comes with the toilet stool. Its height is 5″

Level 2

This height is achieved by inserting the self or crossbar into the first oval holes that the shelf presents. Its height is 7″ for people whose height is between 59″ to 71″

level 3

This height is achieved by inserting the self or crossbar in the oval holes that the self presents. Its height is 9″ for people whose height is less than 59″

Finally we will get the Dr.Toilet posture

One we reach the position of the shelf (or crossbar) more confortable for us, we will worry about knowing how to use it in the best way to get the Dr.Toilet position.

1. How should you place it?

You should sit on your W.C. with the Dr.Toilet stool near your feet.

2. How should you get the posture

You should move the Dr. Toilet stool to a conforatable distance from the toilet.

3. How should you fit in the correct posture?

You should push your abdomen towards the thighs for a perfect disposal

Finally, it can be said that this product is made with ABS plastic matrial and is resistant to bumps and scratches. You can wash with neutral soap as many times as you need and we know that Dr.Toilet can resist more than 55 pounds on it, so if you have a child at home he could use it as a stool to reach the sink counter or the bathroom shelf. For greater safety, knowing that it can slip, Dr. toilet stool has ribber bands inserted in the legs to do it slip-resistant.

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