How can you improve your posture

Dr.Toilet improves posture

Many of the problems related to constipation are related to modern toilets, as they force us into an unnatural position. This unnatural position can cause problems among which, apart from constipation, such as hemorrhoids, back pain and sexual intercourse, apart from urinary incontinence and others. All this is to repeatedly force the exit of stool.

The question is whether the pelvic floor is altered. The puborectalis muscle, which reside in the rectum, is affected. When we sit down this “strangles” the rectum to maintain continence. If this muscle weakens, the problems associated with constipation happens.

If the rectum is not aligned, it is difficult to go, and we do great efforts to evacuate. We need that the muscles that surround the pelvic floor are relaxed. If this is not spontaneus, it is cause of constipation

The correct position is to be “squating “, whitch it is difficult to achieve in new toillets. This position causes puborectalis muscle relax and facilitate the disposal of feces.

How can we improve traffic? You can place Dr Toilet under your feet when you are on the toilet. Therewith, it improves the angle of position of the legs when sitting. We eliminate as simple as the effort when getting a squat position. In this way we open the colon, flexing the hips and getting the ideal position that allows the relaxation of the anus.

Dr. Toilet has three positions to be able to adjust to the height of each person and contributing to the improvement of their health.

In addition, it can be used as a stool for children making them reach the shelves of the bathroom.

Do not hesitate, improve your health with Dr.Toilet.

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