Removable toilet stool

The natural way to go

A simple and natural solution againts constipation
A natural stool that prevent hemorrhoids, constipation and intestinal disorders
Dr.Toilet helps you to squat and go quickly

The idea is pass the stool in the perfect position

Natural position

Sitting position

Dr.Toilet position

Dr.Toilet improves the "original" posture

Modern W.C. can cause problems related to constipation and hemorrhoids. It is complicated that in a squatting position does not change the pelvic foor or choke the rectum.

Rise your knees
above your hips

Corrects the
anorrectal angle

foot support

Anti-slip design

Lift your feet
according your
height in three levels

This is the correct angle!

If the pelvic floor is changed, the puborectalis muscle, where the rectum is, is usually upset. When we sit down this chokes the rectum to mantein continence. If this muscle weakens, the problems associated with constipation appears.
The ideal position is what is achived with the removable toilet stool Dr.Toilet with an angle of 35º.

Four advantages of improving posture when going

Healthier disposal

Promotes the disposal of feces in a better way

Hemorrhoids relief

Dr.Toilet reduces the efford to pass the stool that cause hemorrhoids

Constipation relief

Promotes the fast disposal when there is less straining

Stimulates the colon health

There are several pathologies that suffer from the difficulty of correct elimination



Incomplete elimination


Hemorrhoids/Varicose Vens


Healthier disposal

Less fecal stagnation

Less straining

More complete elimination

Prostate relief

Constipation relief

Hemorrhoids relief


Works with any toilet

3 levels of height for the whole family

Level 1

Raise the position 12,50 cm

Level 2

Raise the position 18,50 cm

Level 3

Raise the position 23 cm

Dr.toilet helps children

Helps children to fend for themselves to wash their hands. The toilet stool its made in ABS plastic able to endure more than 55 lb.

it grabs any surface

The legs of the stool Dr.Toilet have a stickers to prevent slipping

It is stored in any space

Dr. toilet is not annoying either in any corner or under the W.C.